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Paccabag features


The fastest and safest way to pack your art

Artist to artist

Created by an artist, for artists

Earth Friendly

Reusable for years. No plastic waste

Australian Made

Carefully handmade. 9 handy sizes

Saves me time

"Paccabag has truly revolutionized the way I pack my artwork for exhibitions. It's a time saving and efficient solution that has made my packing process much easier and more streamlined. I no longer have to spend hours wrapping my artwork in bubble wrap, and the cushioned and waterproof features of Paccabag give me peace of mind knowing that my art is well protected."

- Happy artist

Paccabag | Strong, Reusable, Cushioned Artwork Packaging and Transport Bags

Aligns with my values

"What makes Paccabag truly unique is its origin as an artist-led initiative. It's created by an artist who understands the specific needs of the art industry, and has developed a solution that is tailored to those requirements. This makes Paccabag an essential tool for professionals in the art world who are seeking sustainable packaging options that align with their values and contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet."

- Happy gallery owner

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